Health Safety Environment

  • Safety Management Systems
    • Risk Analysis/Mitigation Strategies
      • Task-Level Safety Risk Evaluation (Job Safety Analysis, Job Hazard Analysis etc.)
    • Compliance Management Framework Construct
    • Plan Writing- Policies (HSE & Emergency Management)
      • Incident Management Plans, Regional Response Plans, Country Response Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Oil Spill Response Plans, Emergency Response Plans, Facility Response Plans
      • OSHA/EPA regulatory plans industrial and construction
    • Competencies Creation and Training
      • Control of Work (COW), LTT, CSE etc.
    • Audit Programs Creation/Execution
      • Field Audits, Pre-Qualification Audits, Contractor Audits
    • Behavioral Based Safety Program Creation and Oversight
  • Enterprise Solutions
    • Incident Reporting Systems
      • Incident Investigations/Action Tracking
      • Incident Data Analysis
    • Pre-Qualification Support (ISN, PICS, NCMS) support
Health Safety Environment
Health Safety Environment