• Risk/Capability (RISCAP) Assessments (emergency management audits)
    • Emergency Management risk capability assessments have the objective of identifying
      organizational emergency response risks and potential exposures in
      mitigating emergency management processes. Risk Capability Assessments are an integral element of
      emergency management program design and annual revalidations. Understanding risk and the capability our organizations possess is critical to the overall success of any emergency management programs reliability (reliable response). Through our proprietary process, high-level quantitative results are
      generated for both risks and capabilities moving your organization from reactive to proactive emergency response. The future of emergency response.
  • Objectives of Emergency Management Risk Capability Assessments
    • Identify emergency response risks utilizing high-level quantitative risk analysis
    • Identify emergency response mitigating capabilities utilizing high-level quantitative risk analysis
    • Generate reports outlining risk and capabilities
    • Generate correction plans based on risk/capabilities
    • Generate Reliable Response Processes
Risk Management
Risk Capability
Risk Capability Dashboard